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Roydon Music Inc.

939 Oakfield Dr. Brandon, Florida 33511

Company Profile

Roydon Music was originally established in August of 1977 at 142 N. Parsons Ave. in Brandon, Florida. The current location is 939 Oakfield Dr. in Brandon, Florida. After 35 years, Roydon is still owned and operated by one of its original founders. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Tampa, an Associate degree in electronics, played in a touring U.S.Navy Band for four years. He has performed professionally since the age of 16 and his experience includes recording with a nationally known band in the late 60's (obtaining a gold record). His musical endeavors has led to exposure to professional radio, tv and recording experience. The Staff at Roydon Music adds valuable experience to help customers with their needs. They are here to help you acquire the products, services and advice that will allow you to enrich your skill, knowledge and enjoyment of music. Through the sale and rental of instruments, complimented with instructional print and video materials, professional instructors, a wide variety of parts and accessories, with repair shop and online services, they staff is functional and ready to fulfill customer needs.
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