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Roydon MUsic Inc.

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Parts for guitar repair. Head nuts and saddles switches, potentiometers, machine heads, bridge pins Floyd parts, knobs, etc.,
Print Music, popular, classical, vocal, christian, tablature, EZ play, methods, studies books for piano, brass, woodwind, orchestra strings, guitars, harmonica.


Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar Mandolin, Banjo, Ukelele (Soprano, concert Tenor and Baritone),Violin, Viola, Cello and bass and some speacialty instruments.

Orchestra and Band instrument supplies
Audio cable and adaptors
Guitar to amp cables, LO Z and Hi Z cables for microphones, adaptors and cabling for Phone/laptop to sound system, Inter connect cables, speaker cables.and more.
Strings, shoulder rests, rosin, mutes, polish, valve oils slide grease, slide treament, REEDS, cork grease,swabs
Sticks, practice pads, parts, stands, cymbals, keys, heads, maracas, tamborines, shakers,
Amplifiers, Sound Systems
Practice amps, acoustic amps, combo size, monitors, small sound systems, effect pedals, vocal microphones, recording microphones and capture devices and pickups for electric and acoustice guitars.
Guitars & more
Acoustic, 1/2 and 3/4 size acoustic, Acoustic-electric, Electric and bass gutiars, Banjo's, mandolins, Resonator, straps, digital tuners, parts and related items.